“Have I Gained Weight?”

First selfie after our first date
First dates warrant a selfie.

At the start of 2014, I was in the best shape I’d ever been. Eight months, one music festival, countless trips to Tennessee, and a new boyfriend later, I couldn’t say the same thing. Considering I was single at the beginning of the year, I knew there was only one person to blame for this – Jack.

I kid, I kid. But we all know many new relationships start the same way – forfeiting workouts for luxurious dinners at newest “must-try” restaurant paired with a bottle (or bottles) of sauvignon blanc. And as you might have already assumed, he managed to lose weight while I unsurprisingly filled out my jeans a little more than they were built to handle.

Come August, Jack and I were able to take an amazing trip to Seattle for a friend’s wedding and needless to say, we had our fair share of Queen City cuisine while we were there. A couple days after we returned, I asked Jack the infamous question that single-handedly escorts boyfriends into the Dog House –

“Have I gained weight?”

I was sincere in my question and his reply was genuine. “You might not be as toned as you used to be.”

If you’ve ever suffered from Binge Eating Disorder, then I know exactly what you are thinking. Why in the hell would you ask that question? Won’t that make you feel worse?

It definitely could have, but it didn’t. That was all I needed to hear to reaffirm what I was already thinking. I appreciated his honesty and committed in that moment to getting back in shape.

When Jack and I first started dating, my focus gravitated from my workouts and diet to spending time learning more about him. And while my body didn’t respond well to the conversations over dinner and wine, my heart did. What I learned from that experience will carry with me forever. I took the time to focus on the relationships in my life instead of obsessing over my weight. Because of those candlelit dinners, weekends spent on a boat at the lake, and indulging in all Seattle had to offer, I was able to develop one more addition to my personal cheer leading squad in only eight short months.

And so the journey began. Ten pounds to lose? Piece of cake.

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