Before Jack and I started dating, Friday night for us resembled a mild version of Jersey Shore’s T-shirt Time minus the hair gel, studded jeans, and T and L of GTL. After a long week of work, all we wanted to do was gather up a crew, hit the town, and dance the night away with a few drinks to loosen up our limbs. Friday night was the night to go out and start the weekend off with a bang.


One year later and I seriously have no clue how I managed to do that week after week. Come Friday, I am mentally, physically, and sometimes emotionally exhausted. So much so that I have begun to schedule Fridays as one of my days off from the gym. I just found it too difficult to muster up the energy to pump out a good workout on Fridays.

Somewhere down the line, Friday just became another day in the week for us – another day in our normal routine. But last night, Jack had the great idea to take our normal Friday night and jazz it up just a bit.

Do you want to go grab a drink after dinner?

After we gobbled up our home-cooked meal, we swapped our comfy clothes for real clothes and headed to a local Atlanta pub* that offers hundreds of craft beers (served in the appropriate glassware), food made from scratch every day, and an environment free of televisions and “Don’t Stop Believing.”

A few hours outside the house and our normal routine invited intimate conversations around career goals, daily frustrations, new business ideas, lessons we’ve learned from our past, our personal life missions, and of course the occasional knowledge-share of new dieting information we learned recently. But under the surface of the new app idea or our “dream job” was the opportunity to reconnect and get back to the heart of our relationship without the distractions of daily life. We learned more about one another, what makes us tick, and even some new practices we can try to strengthen our relationship on a daily basis.


Needless to say, I woke up this morning feeling so much more in touch with our relationship, our aligned values, and the challenges that we will face as a couple in the future. It got me thinking that this small amount of time, gifted to your loved ones, can have a similar positive impact that I experienced.

Grab a drink after dinner, head out for an afternoon walk in the park, schedule a coffee date, or even plan to run errands with your honey. This small amount of time, which I understand is much harder to come by these days, can grant the opportunity to reconnect and strengthen your relationships in a way that we are losing in this ever-busy, digital age. So often we find ourselves just going through the routine of our lives without taking the time to reconnect. But if Jack and my impromptu date tells me anything, it’s that investing time in those we love can leave us feeling like a better, fuller, and more complete version of ourselves which we all know can radiate into the world around us.

So ask yourself this one question:

Who Do I Need to Reconnect With Today?

Jack and Sarah - the early days
Jack and Sarah – the early days

*If you live in or are ever visiting the Atlanta area, be sure to check out Brick Store Pub!

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