Q&A with Sarah and Jack

1. What is your favorite body part to train?
Sarah: Right now, my favorite body part to train is glutes. I just love concentrating on that area and doing lighter weight with higher reps. It really makes me feel the burn!
Jack: My favorite body part to train is my biceps.  Not only do I like the instant gratification I get from seeing my muscles work, there are also so many different types of exercises to train biceps that keep my workouts interesting.

2. What is your biggest health/fitness struggle?
Sarah: I have struggled since high school with emotional eating. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I really felt like I had a grasp on how my emotions affected my actions. Even though it will probably always be something I struggle with, incorporating flexible dieting into my lifestyle and having a solid support group has given me the resources to overcome the speed bumps along the way.
Jack: I have plenty of struggles! One is definitely keeping my workouts structured and actually making weight gains rather than plateauing. I haven’t been very good about logging workouts and I think that is something that could really take my workouts to the next level.  I also struggle greatly with gaining muscle mass. Incorporating more power-lifting exercises could be very beneficial for that.  Also, tracking my macros and workouts will help to ensure that I increase my weight without increasing fat.

3. What is your #1 fit tip?
Sarah: My #1 fit tip is to log your workouts. Nothing will inspire you more than seeing your own accomplishments! Personally, I use the notepad app on my iPhone and keep a running list day to day of my workouts. Seeing my last workout encourages me to push through one more rep or increase my weight. There are plenty of apps you can download to help log your workouts, but a simple notebook and pen will work just as well.
Jack: Learning about flexible dieting was a big revelation in my fitness journey.  Sarah has taught me a lot about adjusting my macronutrient intake strategically to reach my individual fitness goals.

4. Give us a glimpse into your workout playlist.
Sarah: Jack definitely introduces me to all kinds of unique music, but when I am doing cardio or need motivation, I can’t help but revert to my booty-shaking hip-hop mix. Shame? I have none. I am also a big fan of EDM.
Jack: I love music so I literally listen to everything.  While I am stretching, I might listen to indie or even inspirational speeches.  Later I might go into classic rock or something with a stronger beat like Dubstep. All in all, it’s about that song hitting you at the right moment to keep you motivated.

5. What are your current fitness goals?
Sarah: For years I have wanted to compete in a bikini competition.  I truly admire the dedication it takes to be a professional competitor and I would love to challenge myself mentally and physically in that way.  Honestly, the only thing holding me back is the money!  Oh, and the reaction Jack will give me when he sees me with that tan.
Jack: My current fitness goal is to get my weight to about 170 lbs.  That is the biggest I’ve ever been so I want to get back up there.  I also want to be maintain a certain level of definition as I am bulking.  Lastly, I want to get my legs bigger and more proportional to my upper body.

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