How I Overcame The Non-stop Sugar Cravings

As someone who used to binge eat all the desserts all the time, it has taken me years to understand that I have basically zero self-control when it comes to sugar. I am definitely not going to be the person that will tell you, “just have a few bites and you’ll be satisfied.” Don’t trust those people. They are weird.

Even though flexible dieting has completely changed my life and I am able to incorporate sweets in a healthier way that I did in the past, my body knows no limitation for most desserts. People think I am being funny when I say only eat ice cream by the pint. It’s all fun and games until Ben & Jerry show up.

But if you are like me, feel good knowing you aren’t alone. The human body is hard-wired to be this way, so you really are in good company. This infographic below will give you a glimpse into why you and I just can’t say no to sugar even when we put the lid back on our empty pint of ice cream.


Look familiar?

An important thing to remember is that carbohydrates (whether they’re shaped like cupcakes or potatoes) all break down in the body as sugar. 

Generally, my carbohydrate sources were mostly coming from foods like sweet potatoes, rice, oats, and fruit. Of course, after I would finish my meal, my body would just be like, “I want something sweet. GIVE ME SOMETHING SWEET.” Worse than that, I would instantly be thinking and wanting my next meal even though I just ate.

I got really freaking sick of feeling that way. I felt like I was at the mercy of my meals.

So this is what I did to regain control over my cravings:

I replaced a lot of my carbohydrates with fats.

No, I didn’t eliminate carbohydrates. I believe carbohydrates are important for the body. But I did replace a good chunk of my calories that were originally allocated to carbohydrates to healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil. And let me tell you…

I feel amazing!

I am able to intermittent fast with ease, I am not hungry between meals, and my sugar cravings are at an all-time low. I don’t wake up with a growling stomach and I don’t feel the need to end every meal with something sweet. In fact, for the first time since my paleo days, I crave fat and protein. Give me chicken thighs or give me death.

And I’m sure we can all agree on one thing here…

Everything tastes better – even vegetables – when they are cooked in butter.

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  1. easyif says:

    Excellent! I lose about 2-2.5lbs a month on my IF program. Lost 50lbs total so far. Check out my blog for more info.


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