March Monthly Favorites

As March ends and spring begins, I can’t even begin to contain my excitement for warm weather, festival season, and the damn plants to stop blooming.

Here are some of my favorite things from the past month:

 1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil isn’t anything new to my repertoire, but I have really been using it often this past month. From skin moisturizer, to cooking, to my favorite addition in my cup of coffee, coconut oil has been a staple part of my day. I have been using coconut oil mixed with lavender and tea tree essential oils for my face moisturizer and loving the results. My skin has been less prone to breakouts and the lavender oil is so calming at night time. I have also been adding 1 Tbsp of coconut oil to my mid-day cup of coffee  during my fast. While I can’t do this at the office during the work week, I especially enjoy the creamy, latte-like result I get from blending up the coconut oil and hot coffee in my Vitamix.

coconut oil
I love this brand and it’s super inexpensive too!

2. Fitbit Charge HR

I got my Fitbit HR back in August but have really been glued to using it this past month. With walking to and from work plus my productive sessions on the treadmill desk, it has been fun to compete with myself each day. On average, I am taking about 14-16,000 steps per day which is far more than I was taking in the past few months.


3. Grass Fed Butter

I mentioned in my last post that I have recently increased my fat intake. tl;dr I am loving it. And cooking in grass fed butter has made even the most boring of foods taste sensational!

This is my favorite brand of butter!

4. Treadmill Desk

I am so lucky that my office has four of these bad boys. I try to hop on one every single day for about an hour if I can find the time. Not only am I more productive while I am walking and working, it also warms up my body during my fast (which tends to freeze me out around the 12-16 hour point). I keep telling myself, “An hour of walking a day keeps the doctor away.” Not medically proven advice, but I’m stickin’ to it!

5. Spending Quality Time with Friends

This might be a wet’s amazing what quality time can do for your mental health. This month was especially rewarding for me when I had five amazing friends fly in from all over the country to spend a weekend in Atlanta. My heart couldn’t be more full!

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