What I’ve been Eating

So I mentioned in my last post that I have been focusing on high-quality ingredients and experimenting with the ketogenic diet. Long story short, the ketogenic diet is a very high fat, moderate protein, and extremely low carbohydrate style of eating. There are a bajillion studies coming out these days about the positive effects of eating low carb, so definitely google it if you want more info.

I have seen some very interesting results from eating this way over the past two months:

  • My energy levels are high and sustained throughout the day.
  • I never feel bloated.
  • I have nearly lost all cravings for sugar and instead crave savory and fatty foods.
  • My body feels less inflamed and I am experiencing less joint pain.
  • I can go far longer (about 5-6 hours) between meals without feeling hungry.
  • My skin has been clearer.

There one downside I’ve experienced since going extremely low carb is hair loss. After some research on this side effect, I am just now experimenting with adding slightly more carbohydrates into my diet in the evening as well as supplementing with B vitamins and collagen. Apparently it takes about two months to notice the results so I will report back on that later.

For the time being, I thought it would be neat to show you a few of my meals over the past few days. Scroll over the image to read more.

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